Business Credit Cards

A business credit card operates in exactly the same way as a personal credit card and can be a convenient compliment to your working capital.

As with a personal credit card, it is probably not advisable to maintain a long term borrowing position on your card because it will be more expensive than other forms of borrowing, but for a short term requirement, perhaps to buy some equipment for the office, it can be ideal.

Most cards offer up to 37 days interest free if you time your purchases just right and clear the balance at the end of the month.

Things to look out for when considering a business credit card include:

  • The interest rate – make sure you are clear on what it is
  • Any monthly or annual fees
  • Whether applying for the card will reduce any other facilities you have with the same lender

Talk to us about whether a business credit card could be a valuable addition to your cash flow management.

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