Why use a Business Finance Broker?

It's as easy as 123, 4 and 5

Finance is a complex matter and you need sound and expert advice about what product you should go for and whether you can afford it, and of course who to go to.

You would take professional advice when buying a property or filing your accounts, or applying for a personal mortgage, or life insurance, so why not for Business Finance? The circumstances are no different and the stakes can be a lot higher.

Here are our Top 5 reasons to use a Business Finance Broker such as ourselves.

  1. We do all the hard work of searching the market for you and placing your application with the most appropriate funder. This saves you making endless applications which might not go anywhere and could leave behind numerous credit check footprints. We act as your intermediary to the funder, making the application, providing and uploading all the necessary documents, completing all the paperwork and hand-holding the deal through to draw-down.
  2. We have access to all the different products. You might think you just need a straightforward loan when really, asset finance or an overdraft is more appropriate or even a secured loan which would be cheaper. We can advise on this.
  3. We can negotiate stronger terms for you on rates and fees. We hold preferential terms with many funders that are exclusive to our network.
  4. We can get the deal over the line for you. Having understood your business and carried out our interview with you, we can best sell your business to our funders, bringing to life any strong points and overcoming any challenges they present. We can often overturn "the computer says NO" scenario into an approved loan.
  5. Most things we buy these days we use a comparison site for, be it home or car insurance, flights, holidays, mortgages, credit cards. Business Finance should be no different. There is no one site that caters for Business Finance. That's why you need a broker, to do that work for you and present the various options available.

So why not call us now to speak to the Business Finance Experts and let us do the hard work for you. We are fully FCA regulated and are members of the National Association of Credit Finance Brokers (NACFB).

Why use a Business Finance Broker?

By: Paul Marston

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