Time to look forwards, not back

You can't beat late Spring in the UK. The bluebells are out, the covers are off the garden furniture, T-shirts are pulled on optimistically - even if quickly covered on first encounter with the morning breeze - and a spate of bank-holidays raises the national mood.
Covid is still with us, of course, but thankfully not restricting our every move. Masks, stuffed in pockets, are a fluffy reminder of a dark epoch, and gone are the days when it was one-in and one-out of the shops.
There is plenty to keep us grounded, though. Inflation and the rising cost of living is now a real concern for too many households and the Ukraine is never far from our minds, reminding us all that things are far from normal, if indeed, they ever where.
Hopefully, though, we will see a fruitful summer for our businesses. 
Just like many parts of the economy, our “bread and butter” business is back in full swing. 2019-2021 was all about CBILS and Bounceback loans with a smattering of property investment deals in the background. Late 2021 and through to now, we've seen business owners reflecting on six months of post-Covid trade and many are now taking steps to invest in their businesses, not just survive.
Here are a few examples of where business funding has been put in place to help clients grow.
  • Buying premises – several clients have seen now as an opportunity to buy: either because they need more space, or their landlord has offered them the option to purchase after years of leasing
  • Moving premises – this is a capital expense which always runs over. We’ve put in place revolving credit facilities which work like overdrafts, so our clients can dip in and out as they need extra funds
  • Office/retail/factory/industrial unit refurbs – we've helped arrange business loans to refurbish and decorate a unit, install a new shop front, refresh internal décor, create additional space, and generally overhaul a premises 
  • Capital expense projects – now that businesses are becoming more confident again, we're seeing proposals for projects that need funding: new advertising, taking on more staff, increasing  stock, bringing in new IT systems and buying new equipment and vehicles.
Even in growth mode, though, cashflow pressures can hit at any time. Cash can be needed to help with an unforeseen dip in revenue, or because customers and suppliers are applying pressure in opposite directions. This is apart from the rising costs for goods and materials generally.
Then, of course, there are tax bills – VAT and Corporation tax - both of which are likely to be higher now that turnover and profits are increasing.
All of these opportunities and threats have to be funded in some way and not many businesses have spare cash after two years of downturn.
Why not speak to us about putting something in place for your business? Businesses that have kept their heads above water through the pandemic are experiencing favourable terms from lenders who are keen to support those that require assistance. They too, need to get back to what they do best – lend money!
The products are services we can help arrange include:
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Secured and unsecured business loans
  • Buy-to-Let mortgages for Landlords
  • Invoice Finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Cash-flow lending
  • Residential mortgages
Over the past year, several new banks have entered the market and are keen to gain market share. These new entrants are winning business with some innovative products and we would be pleased to share what they are offering.
Remember, you are much more likely to have your funding approved if you use the services of an experienced and expert broker.  The brokers on our panel can shine a light on the strengths in your business and mitigate any challenges and weaknesses. They know which banks to use in various situations and can successfully drive an application through to agreement.
Please don't hesitate to call us to chat through your requirements.
Photo by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

Time to look forwards, not back

By: Neil Edwards

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